If our years of experience with Atlassian products have taught us anything, it’s that they are usually very intuitive to use. However, if you really want to exploit their full potential, there’s a lengthy “working in” period – and you also have to spend a long time reading the official documentation.

We offer a variety of training courses to help you master your day-to-day work with the products, get to know new products, and tackle more complex situations.

Official Atlassian JIRA training Partner

As an Atlassian Authorized Training Partner, we offer a wide range of training courses. 

We want to share our knowledge. Whether you’re looking for training lasting half a day or multiple days, online or on site, we tailor the material to your needs.

Find out more visit our Atlassian Training page.

Most recently, in December 2016, Accxia has become a member of the “Altassian Certification Advisory Panel”.

This is Atlassian’s tribute to a very small, selected group of Partners worldwide for their contribution to the Atlassian certification exams and overall certification process.